• Welcome to Ms. Murph's Science Class


    What are we Studying in Science this year?

    In 7th grade science we will be studying cells, DNA, viruses and bacteria, body systems, simple machines, and ecosystems.

    In 8th grade science we will be studying the elements, chemistry, genetics, electricity, and the Laws of Motion. 

    In the Spring we will be preparing for our 7th grade Camping Trip, and our 8th grade Survival Trips. 

    What Materials will I Need?

    Each students will need to have a single subject, college ruled, spiral notebook that is only used for science class. This notebook and the textbook should be brought to class daily. Students will receive 5 daily participation points for bringing this notebook and their textbook. These points cannot be made up, as they are participation points. Notebooks will be graded for being neat and complete.  They will be used to study for tests and quizes.  An organized notebook is key to being successful in this class.


    What do I do if my child is absent?

    Students who are absent will need to check with me for any missing work and to make up labs they need to do as soon as they return. They will have as many days as they were absent to make up their missing work. For example, if a student missed three days of class, they will have three days to finish up any assignments they missed while they were gone and turn them in.

    Contact Information

    Name: Laura Murph
    Email Address: laura.murph@k21schools.org
    Phone Number: 228-7200 ext 225

    Science Rocks!