• Health Resources & Benefits
    The Ketchikan School District is happy to offer comprehensive and competitive benefits to its employees.  Our goal is to allow all of our employees the benefits and options that fit the needs of their families. 
    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact:
    Renee Oyedeji, Payroll & Benefits Tech
    Phone: 907-247-2131
    New Employees:
    All new employees at KGBSD will receive information regarding benefits when they fill out new hire paperwork. Each new employee will have 30 days from their first day on the job to complete their benefit packet.
    Should a new employee choose not to enroll within the initial 30-day sign-up, the next opportunity will be during the open enrollment period that starts August 15 and will run through September 30th of the year. We do offer an exception for changes based on qualifying life events (change in marital status, births, dependent status, etc.).