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    Certification Renewal - Web Links on the main page provides a find a link to the Alaska Department of Education website.

    Mandatory Training - eLearning Link  www.eed.state.ak.us/eLearning

    Form used for individual learning plan.  Required of all tenured teachers not on the evaluation cycle.  
    Required once every three years. 
    Use to request a transfer from one building to another.  Transfers within the same building do not require a transfer request.  Return to Human Resources.  Requests filed before March 1 will receive primary consideration.

    Course Approval

    All courses taken for educational advancement or reimbursement must be pre-approved.  Complete this form and submit to Human Resources for approval.
    Use the salary movement form to apply for educational movement (moving from one educational lane to another) on the salary schedule.  Application deadline is March 1.
    Use the direct deposit form if you want paychecks to be deposited directly into your bank account.  Return completed forms to Payroll or Human Resources. Remember to include a voided check.  
    Use this form to apply to use sick leave. Instructions on form.
    Use to change address with H.R. and Payroll.
     Use this form if you want request for a new ID badge or to replace a lost or existing ID badge. Instructions on form.
    Use to sign up or withdraw from sick leave bank.   Submit to Payroll.

    Sick Leave Bank Application CLASSIFIED STAFF

    Use to sign up or withdraw from the sick leave bank.  Submit to Payroll.
    Use to request professional leave as per contract Area 7, Section 3