• KGBSD Preschool Screening is held two times during the school year, once in April and once in September. During this screening children are tested on general concepts, speech/language, motor, social/emotional and behavioral skills.
    • Once the screening is finished, teachers will have a short exit interview to discuss the results of the testing, as well as discuss any family concerns that could affect the child's education or development.
    • The screening will take approximately 1 hour to complete.
    • The purpose of the screening is to identify children who may have specific difficulties or disabilities that may impact their educational progress.

    Here is some helpful information:

    • Screening packets for the 2020-2021 school year are being accepted from now until Feb. 20, 2021
    • Screening packets must include a birth certificate and shot records to be considered complete. Screening packets are stamped and dated, for business purposes only, and are not used to create a “waitlist”.
    • The screening process takes several days and has been scheduled for Feb. 22- Mar 5th 2021
    • Families will be contacted and offered screening times prior to these dates.
    • If you have not been contacted, and you have completed a registration packet, please call your preferred school as soon as possible.
    • The Special Education team will meet to assess the findings after assessments are complete. At this time:
    • it will be determined who will be placed in each class.
    • teachers will contact all families regardless of whether or not their student qualified for placement.

    Families Will Be Contacted About Placement once all screening and evaluations are done. Placement is not decided until evaluations are complete. Please note that no school, teacher or SPED Administrator will know if any child is to be enrolled in a particular class until evaluations are complete.

    Here is how placement in each class works:

    • Preference for placement will go to children who at screening show a need for special education services.
      • *Special Education covers a wide range of disability categories under which students may qualify for additional services in the school setting. They include learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, other health impaired, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, deaf, orthopedically impaired, speech impaired,  autism, vision impaired, traumatic brain injury, cognitively impaired, developmentally delayed and multiple disabilities. *
    • In addition, a few spots in each classroom will be held open for children who move/transfer to KGBSD over the summer, or need to be screened in the Fall, and show need for Special Education services.
    • IEA Preschool has different placement criteria. Their placement is based on first come first serve with documentation of Native Heritage accompanied by a completed 506 form.
    • After the numbers for each classroom has been calculated, spaces for "peer buddy" children, or children who are typically developing and are not in need of Special Education services, will open.
      • At this time, based on screenings and observations, the special education team will best decide what children are placed in each class.


    What this means for your preferred school:

    The Special Education team will do their very best to accommodate families in their preferred school. However, based on the needs of all the children, this could mean that there is no room for your child in your preferred school. If this is the case, we will place as many students as possible in alternate schools.

    It should be assumed that there is no waiting list for any school and each family should plan accordingly.

    As well, please know that preschool placement and/or transportation is not guaranteed.

Preschool Screening Packet

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