• 2020-2021 Superintendent Goals


    1. Increase student achievement and close the achievement gap for each demographic measured by:  
      • Increase the rate of Kindergarten students entering school ready for Kindergarten as measured by the Alaska Developmental Profile and other Kindergarten Ready Assessments.
      • Increase the number of students reading at grade level by 3rd grade. (Students in the district will read at grade level by the end of the third grade.)
      • Students will demonstrate gains in proficiency in math, reading and science by decreasing the number of students who scored below or far below proficient and increase the percentage of students who scored proficient and advanced on Alaska Statewide Assessment, in all subgroups. (Improvement of standardized test scores district wide).
      • Increase the four year graduation rate for each school as compared to the previous year or maintain graduation rate at 95% or better.
      • Decrease the dropout rate for each school as compared to the previous year.
      • Decrease the dropout rate for the district as compared to the previous year.
      • Increase the number of schools who maintain a 95% attendance rate or increase its attendance rate by 20% or more as compared to the previous year using end of the year data.
    2. Implement and maintain system wide structures that support achievement and positive behavior intervention supports for all students by:
      • 100% of KGBSD schools will integrate a caring, inclusive climate and a collegial, cooperative culture that helps the student to feel a part of something worthwhile as measured by the SCCS. (Set goal off School Climate and Connectedness Survey Results)
      • Implement a K-12 MTSS support system in the district with sequential MTSS training. (Increase students identified as needing MTSS that receive MTSS)
      • 100% implementation of adopted curriculum across the district that includes cultural standards through committee work, trainings and outside agency collaboration. (Embedded cultural standards district wide)
      • Implementation of explicit strategic interventions with 100% of students who need help achieving proficiency in reading and math.
      • Special Education: Building on the special education task force input, continue to address District needs and ensure students have the necessary and appropriate resources available to access education.


    1. Implement comprehensive district and school safety plans that include outside agencies with a continuous review of policies and procedures.
      • Complete the KGBSD Comprehensive Safety Plan.
      • Review and revise the plan by holding a minimum of (4) four Safety Meetings per year.


    1. Increase community organizational outreach.
      • Increase use of radio and other media informational campaigns about (1) education-related topics, and (2) successes of the district.

    Budget (Budgetary Goal)

    1. Maintain fiscal responsibility and long term planning working closely with the business manager to develop and present a responsible budget that provides resources needed to maintain a quality education while ensuring fiscal responsibility.
      • Present a budget to the board that is balanced, student-focused and eliminates or reduces the use of fund balance.
      • Support the Board in the identification and drafting of policies per objectives of strategic plan. 
      • Develop a technology plan that includes a students and staff rotation plan. (District consistency in technology and learning management)


    (Underlined words are goals established at the superintendent goal meeting with school board members)