• Items for School

    Please note all supplies are OPTIONAL and appreciated. We will always accept glue sticks as well

    Backpack – Please send your child to school with a bag or a backpack each day.  Remember to check the backpack for sent home items.

    Snacks – Snacks are going to be a little different this year since we will be having two sessions serving breakfast and lunch.  I will send a snack slip home once a month.  If you are able to send in the item, that would be great!  We have two regular size refrigerators in the kitchen area to store fruits and vegetables and other perishable items.

    Clothing – Please send your child to school in clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty!  Indoor shoes that can be left at school would be great!  Especially on those wet days when we wear boots.  We plan to play hard!  Some of our projects are extra messy and we will try to be considerate by covering the children with smocks… but usually the goop finds a way to get on clothing!  We will go outside when the weather permits and as of right now we are hoping to have a playground installed!  We are also able to use the tennis courts too!  On Fall and Winter days, hats and maybe mittens would be appropriate.  

    PLEASE SEND extra underwear, socks, and pants just in case of an accident or just an overly wet outside day.  Please label your bag of clothes and plan to leave it at the school until used.

    Water Bottle – You may send your child with a water bottle that is labeled clearly with their name to be kept on the counter at school.

    Masks - All students and staff will be required to wear masks while inside Houghtaling Annex. (Kayhi) These masks may include types such as cloth, surgical, or gators. Vented masks are not to be worn. If a student loses or forgets their mask, or their mask gets wet, we will provide them with a disposable mask.  We will help encourage, remind, and help build this important safety habit. I have some great books to read to the preschoolers the first week about wearing masks.