• Advisory 9

    Ketchikan High School – Room 108 

    Mrs. Williams


    Course Description

    Welcome to Advisory 9! Every week one day will be an advisory lesson, two days will be study hall, and two days will be determined by the teacher. Advisory will also be used to give students school wide information and grade specific information.


    Classroom Rules

    In order to ensure an environment conducive for studying, the following rules will be in place each day: 

    1. Come to class prepared to work for the full class period! During study hall, use this time to complete homework, classwork, study for tests and quizzes, etc. If students have no homework and no tests/quizzes to study for, then they may read silently for the entire class period, journal, work on an art project, etc.


    1. It is understandable if a student needs to use the restroom during class due to the block schedule. Students will use appropriate sign out tools to document their movements throughout the building.  Students are not permitted to leave the classroom for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class.


    1. Students must bring a note in order to be excused from Advisory. Students will not be allowed to go get a note excusing them from 108. 


    1. Food and drink are permitted as long as they do not distract from the learning environment. Students are expected to finish their snack in a timely manner and return to work and are expected to clean up after themselves.


    1.   Cellphone use during class time is prohibited. If a student uses a phone during class, the phone may be confiscated. Teachers will confiscate the device for the rest of the period or day, depending on the number of previous infractions.  If the problem persists, school staff may send the phone to the office and/or notify the student’s parents/guardians.


    1. A student may NOT use electronic equipment such as handheld games during class time. Students may use laptops for school related activities only. The teacher may request laptops be put away if a student is in non-school related applications (chat, games, videos, ect.).


    1. Students are expected to wear masks while in the building. Masks may only be removed when eating and drinking, and must be promptly put back on. 


    Grading Procedures

    Advisory is considered a class and therefore a grade is given. The grades for Advisory will be calculated as follows:

    Weekly Grade – Each student will be given a weekly grade. This grade is determined by the student’s attendance, preparedness, and participation in completing work. The weekly grade is 100% of the student’s semester grade for Advisory.

    •     100% (A) – Student brought work and utilized the full class period productively.
    •     89% (B) – Student was not totally prepared and did not spend all of the class period productively.
    •     79% (C) – Student was very unprepared and spent very little time in productive study.
    •     69% (D) – In addition to not being prepared, the student did not abide by classroom rules.
    •     59% (F) – Student does not abide by classroom rules and is not utilizing the class period to study and/or complete work.

    *This class is pass/fail and will show this at the end of semester.  

    From these base grade levels, attendance will be graded as follows:

    •     An unexcused absence decreases the weekly grade down 10 points (or one letter grade).
    •     A tardy decreases the weekly grade down 5 points.
    •     A “Q” in PowerSchool (11+ minutes) counts as an unexcused absence and decreases the weekly grade by 10 points (or one letter grade).

    Parents will be contacted for students receiving less than an “C” in Advisory.


    Please contact Mrs. Williams  if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to having a great year and are excited to have you in class!


    Mrs. Williams                                                


    (907) 228-0408