Run Like It's 1776
  • Due to the COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations in Ketchikan, we have a virtual option for Totem to Totem! 

    Ketchikan Running Club is dedicated to the health and well being of our community, which is why we changed the spring event from being a large social gathering to a Virtual Run that can be completed solo at your convenience during the month of May! If you choose to run in a group, please make sure social distancing is maintained, and use face protection if you are running within 20’ of a non-household member. 

    We will have options for half marathon runners and walkers, as well as 5k runners and walkers. This event is free, with an option to purchase a race shirt and medal for $60, which can be found here. Shirts and medals will be picked up at a later date, to be announced soon. School-aged runners can purchase their shirts and medals for $30, using this form

    What is a Virtual Run?
    A virtual run is a walking/running event that you can complete any time/any place! The best part of a virtual event is convenience - you decide what works best for you. There are a number of free exercise tracking apps that can help you measure the distance, including Strava or RunKeeper.

    This event is open from May 1-25. Pick a day and get after it! Don’t forget to post a selfie on our Facebook Page when you have completed your run. Tag Ketchikan Running Club and use #Totem2Totem.

    Once you have finished your event you will be able to submit your result online. You may do so via email by May 25, or you can post your results to the Ketchikan Running Club Strava page, using a free activity tracking app.

    To share your results using email, please:

    1. Send an email to with the subject “T2T Result”
    2. Share your name, gender, age (optional), event completed (half marathon run, half marathon walk, 5k run/walk), and time.
    3. Bonus points for sharing a picture of yourself to post online!

    To join the event using Strava, simply:

    1. Create a free account on Strava.
    2. Join the Ketchikan Running Club
    3. Join the race you are interested in completing.

    We will share results for half marathon runners and walkers, and 5k runners and walkers via our Facebook page and website at the end of May. We will also host packet pickup later this spring for shirts and medals! (Pick up time and location TBD.)