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    Virtual Concert Project

    With the new social distancing mandate in place, we are not able to rehearse and perform together in our traditional way. To continue social distancing and still make music together, I would like to invite all of you to try contributing to a collaborative "Virtual Concert" project! 

    You will need:
    - Your instrument
    - Your music
    - Your computer/soundtrap
    - earbuds(recommended)

    Check out the tutorial videos on how to add your part to Soundtrap. Email Ms. Karlson for a link to participate, or click on the link below to log into Canvas and select your music class to get started!


    Link to Canvas LMS


    Audio Recording Schedule

    Recording your instrument/voice part should take about 10-20 minutes. Try to find a quiet space to record. 

    Band Schedule:

    Arabian Dances - Due Friday, April 24th

    Take Off - Due Friday, May 1st

    Celtic Air and Dance No. 3 - Due Friday, May 8th

    Serengeti - Due Friday, May 15th


    Choir Schedule:

    Fun Train - Due Friday, April 24th

    Scarborough Fair - Due Friday, May 1st

    Lunar Lullaby - Due Friday, May 8th

    Pirate Story - Due Friday, May 15th

    Allergy Tango - Due Friday, May 22nd