• 4/28/20 Happy Elementary Music Tour Week!

    by Ms. K Length: 2

    The Schoenbar Music Department's annual "Elementary Music Tour" was scheduled for this Friday, May 1st. Traditionally the choir, jazz band and symphonic band take the musical show on the road and perform at 3 elementary schools in the district. Here is a shout-out to those students that would have performed this week! This "SpongeBob Squarepants Theme" was one of the tunes we were planning to take on tour this year. 

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  • 4/21 How to record your part for the VIRTUAL CONCERT PROJECT

    by Ms. K Length: 2 min

    Step 1: Warm up your instrument/voice

    Step 2: Get your earbuds and your music for the song you want to record

    Step 2: Log into Canvas

    Step 3: Select your music class

    Step 4: Click on the song you wish to record

    Step 5: Follow the link to Soundtrap

    Step 6: Add new track - Voice/Microphone

    Step 7: Record your part along singing/playing along with the backing track

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  • 4/16/20 Dancing with Buddy the Dog

    by Ms. K Length: 2 min

    Meet Buddy the dog. He is a husky shepherd mix who loves to hike, run, play... and dance! He sometimes howls when I practice my saxophone and flute, but he always wags his tail when people sing to him! 

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  • 4/14/20 - "Are you social distancing?" Ms. K and Ms. Jillian

    by Ms. K Length: 2 min

    Ms. Karlson and Ms. Jillian found a way to sing together, while apart! 

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  • 4/3/20 Chromatic Scales - Flight of the Bumblebee

    by Ms. Karlson Length: 2 min

    SMS Band students! Keep practicing your scales! Your chromatic scale is a great one to work on! Extend your range, practice it slow, then speed it up! 

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  • 4/1/20 The Lion Sleeps Tonight

    by Ms. Karlson Length: 3 min

    Ms. Karlson's attempt at all the parts for this song! Killer Joe didn't help much with this one. Remember to sing every day! 

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  • 3/27/20 Music Day Shout Out!

    by Karlson Length: 3 min

    Hey Schoenbar Music Students! Happy Middle School Music Day! Miss you all! I'm sad we can't all be together for Music Day, so here is a video of our re-write to "Cake by the Ocean", with adapted lyrics by Ms. Karlson and the SMS choir students, "S'mores by the Ocean". Stay safe, and keep making music! 

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