Tech Tips for 4th Grade Remote Learning

  • Tech tips and videos to help you navigate our digital world. If you are looking for the specific links and login instructions for programs like IXL and, please go to the Classroom Website Page. 


    Google Classroom How to video How to Access Google Classroom Optional Assignments for Families

    Step by step instructions for getting online to access optional assignnents in Google Classroom. 





    How to Login to Google Classroom or Your Student Gmail Account

    Click the Link to View the Video Student Gmail Video

    How to Make a Google Slides Presentation - The Basics

    Click this link for a video that will help you create a Google Slides presentation

    How to Add Pictures to Google Slides or Google Docs - Advanced

    Coming soon!

    How to Update Your Google Profile Picture

    By Clyde L

    How to change profile picture on google classroom 
    1. double tap the picture that you want for your profile picture "save image as..."
    3. go to google classroom
    4. click the menu on the side
    5. click on settings, there should be a thing that says "profile"
    6. click "change"
    7. select your photo!