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  • Welcome to the 4th Grade Virtual World Fair. Our students have been working with partners to research and write about a country of their choice. We were super excited to share these reports with families and friends at our World Fair, then school was closed due to the coronavirus. Below you will find links to open the reports as PDFs. Please read, enjoy and share positive comments in the discussion box. As you read, please remember that students did not get to come back to school to do their final polishing and editing and that these reports are the work of 9 and 10 year olds who not only wrote the reports but researched to find all the information themselves, they also learned many new skills in Google Docs as we worked.

    Gunalcheesh and Haw'aa  

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    Please post a positive comment about what you enjoyed or thought authors did particularly well in one or more of the countries reports. 

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