What can we do during school closure?

  • We find ourselves in the difficult position of WEEKS away from school. I'm sure your family is feeling stressed about missing out on critical instruction, not to mention the structure and support the school routine provides. Physical activity provides relief from this inherent stress, plus an outlet to play and have fun together. Below is a list of resources, information, and activity suggestions for your child and your family to work on, if you need inspiration. None of these activities are required/graded.

    (Updated 4/6/20)


    Information about safe physical activity and COVID-19

    It's important to get out and play every day - here are recommendations from the State of Alaska on how to do so, safely. 

    Basic guidelines: yes, get outside and play! Be sure to follow Ketchikan's specific recommendations and up-to-date CDC guidelines for safety during this time. Avoid contact sports and maintain 6' social distancing. Consider postponing playdates and avoiding playgrounds. All playgrounds and some beaches in Ketchikan are closed to the public as of 3/30, please view our Borough's website for more information about specific closures. Family walks, runs, hikes, beach trips, bike rides are all a go. Get out there!

    Parent resources from Alliance for a Healthier Generation, for information about how to talk to your kids about COVID-19 and other ways to support your children while we are all at home for an extended period.  


    Background information about our PE curriculum

    Where are we in our curriculum? What should my kid be doing during this break from regular PE class? Take a look at KGBSD's PE curriculum if you're curious. The main sport/physical activity we have left to cover is base/softball, specifically the skills of hitting (using a side orientation, follow through with swing) and the art of throwing/catching. 

    SPARK PE, the curriculum KGBSD uses, now has an at-home component as well for families to access during COVID-19 school closures. 

    SHAPE America is one of the leading PE/health teacher organizations in our country, and I intend to use this page to support my development of PE resources and/or lessons. Take a look if you're interested in seeing where I'm coming from. 

    Healthy Futures Challenge is still on! You can find information about the challenge, plus more family-friendly activity ideas, here. You have a ton of choices for communicating March and April active minutes - you can use the March calendar and email it to me (katie.sivertsen@k21schools.org), fill out the digital calendar for March and April and submit via email, or create your own calendar/list of active minutes. March calendars will be due by April 3, and April calendars will be due by May 3. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


    Indoor activity ideas

    Coach Josh teaches preschool PE over on Amazon Prime Videos. Season 1 is available to stream and free for Amazon Prime members. 

    Following are resources for K-2 students from the SPARK PE curriculum. Locomotorsdirectionsbody positions, and animal walks. Lots of ways to use these! 

    GoNoodle is great for rainy days - it is incredibly silly and funny for younger kids, plus there are serious workouts for older kids. I used this regularly as a classroom teacher and my students loved it. 

    Cosmic Kids Yoga

    PE with Joe - 30 minute classes, updated daily!

    The Daily Big 3, for both mental and physical well-being (SHAPE America)

    Activity suggestion calendars for March and April (also SHAPE America)

    Here are even more physical fitness/activity calendars - you don't have to stick to a specific date/month to use any of these activities! (S&S Blog)

    And MORE activity calendars - the entire SHAPE America archive. Yes, I love these things! 

    At-home activities (SHAPE America).

    Fitness Deck (Dan DeJager)

    Mindful Minutes (SHAPE America) 

    OPEN (Online PE Network) is a free resource of standards-based physical education activities and curriculum. This is their website dedicated to COVID19 and activities that meet PE standards and can be used at home. Tons of great information here! 

    Sworkit for Kids offers free, customizable workouts for kids either online or via a free app. Check it out! 

    Darebee offers a huge encyclopedia of workouts, with options for both kids and adults. The best part? You can open and screenshot or download and print the workout pages to get some exercise in, even if you don't have internet connectivity all day. 


    Outdoor activity ideas

    Check out our local trails - so many options! Can you tackle them all? (Source: USFS)

    Family-friendly activity ideas. These were posted pre-COVID19 outbreak, so keep that in mind. 

    Ideas for preschool-aged kids. Same as above, use social distancing protocol as applicable. 

    Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course (Playtivities) - my little boy (almost 4 years old) LOVES this. Infinitely customizable. 

    A long time ago, I worked at the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center in Anchorage as an outdoor and environmental educator. Their education team is working hard to provide outdoor education opportunities for all Alaskans. Take a look at their website to find some great outdoor learning experiences. I have personally taught a number of these lessons, and they are a treasure! Their social media feed also has resources to check out, specifically focusing on mindfulness in nature.


    Running & Running Club

    RRCA Kids Run the Nation running club curriculum. This is designed for a coach/teacher to enact, but there are lessons and activities (beginning on page 10) that you could adapt for your family. Running Club families, you may want to take a look at this and use as applicable for your family. 

    Speaking of running, I am working with our local running club to plan a virtual Totem to Totem race, with a 3-mile option for kids. If you and your child are interested in participating, please keep your eyes open for more information on my running club page, or the Ketchikan Running Club Facebook pageHere is a resource for 5k (3 mile) training plans, from the remarkable Hal Higdon. I suggest kids start with the novice option, found at the bottom of the page. There are also half marathon training plans, found hereLook for more information on the virtual T2T option by April 10. 

    Skinny Raven Virtual Superhero ShowdownSkinny Raven is Anchorage's locally owned and operated running store. They are hosting a virtual version of their annual Superhero Showdown race during the entire month of April, with both 1.3k (1 mile) and 5k (3.1 mile) options. Registration is free. Please see this link for information and to register.