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    4th grade loves to write! Here is a growing collection of articles and book reviews written by Fawn Mountain's fabulous 4th grade authors. Click on the title to read the full article. 

4th Grade Authors
Author Celebration 2
  • Dear Families, 

    We love to write! In fact we write everyday. Below is a collection of 4th Grade writing. Please remember that we are only 9 and 10. We are still learning conventions (spelling and grammar) and we are working on how to structure and organize our writing. When you read a piece of writing, focus on the positive parts and don't worry about the mistakes. These pieces are not edited by adults, they are our own work. Please remember that we are all doing our best. We worked hard on our pieces and we're all growing as writers.  You can leave positive comments in the discussion below.

    Gunalcheesh and Haw'aa, 

    4th Graders

Poems from the 4th Grade

  • 4th Grade Poems 2020

    A huge thank you to the students who shared poems for this anthology. We appreciate you and your hard work. It's not too late! If you have a poem that you would like to add, please email Ms. Edwards and we'll add it to the collection. 

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