• Computer Science

    The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District (KGBSD) is committed to a partnership with the Alaska Code.Org and to building the meaningful and relevant programs across Alaska’s career cluster spectrum.  We believe this coordinated effort across all Alaska districts will effectively and equitably give students the opportunities for success as they face the challenges of the ever-changing, 21st-century society.

    Current Investments:

    KGBSD is committed to building a strong technological infrastructure to support the use of technology in student learning and their preparation for the future.  This includes but is not limited to:

    1. Incremental bandwidth expansion to support the continual increased technological requirements of users.  Bandwidth is currently at 1 Gb and is scheduled to increase to 1.5 Gb for the 2019-2020 school year.  Lit fiber connections between building is currently at 1Gb.
    2. Committed budget line item to support a grade 7-12 device rotation plan that provides a device for all students.
    3. Operation of a robust and expanding digital and distance education program in the form of the Alaska Digital Academy.  (www.alaskadigitalacademy.org)
    4. Adopted a policy requiring 1.0 Career and Technical Education credit for graduation.
    5. Scheduled and dedicated Computer Science course and teacher at Ketchikan High School
    6. Support of training for teachers at all levels in Computer Science and the accompanying state standards.
    7. Weekly professional development time that will be available across the district that can be used for technology training and standards implementation.



    The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District pledge to:

    1. Schedule dedicated courses in implementing the Code.org curriculum (CS Fundamentals, CS Discoveries and CS Principles).
    2. Provide staff support in the training of Code.org courses (CS Fundamentals, CS Discoveries and CS Principles)
    3. Dedicate resources (people, time and financial) to support the Code.org mission of every student in every school having the opportunity to learn computer science.



    1. Have at least one  teacher trained at each level (CS Fundamentals, CS Discoveries and CS Principles) of the Code.org curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year.
    2. Review and plan for the implementation of the Alaska Computer Science standards during district professional development time.
    3. Expand technology career paths at all levels as per pending Alaska Computer Science standards.


    About Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District

    As the largest district in Southern Southeast Alaska, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District has been working to build a solid technological infrastructure including network services, professional development.  We understand that with a rapidly changing, global society, we must be flexible and ready to make quick adjustments to serve our students, parents, teachers, community and state.