• 4th Grade News

    September 2020

    Welcome to 4th grade. We are so excited to begin the year with these fabulous kids! Our goals for this year are to help students become independent and responsible learners. We will be making the most of our class time. We have high expectations for each learner and are confident that students will work hard and persevere to achieve their learning goals. 

    Please keep an eye on your email for updates from 4th grade. Here are our upcoming events and things to know: 

    Student Computers

    If your student has a computer checked out from the school district please send the device and charger to school on orientation day. 

    September 14th

    School begins 5 days per week for all students. 

    School Day

    Students may be dropped at school after 8:45am. 

    School begins at 9am.

    School ends at 3:15pm.


    Breakfast is available for students, however we are unable to continue the free breakfast program this year. Breakfast is $1.50 for students and is free if your child qualifies for free lunch. If you need to complete a free and reduced lunch application, please go to the District website

    Handwashing, Masking, and Social Distancing

    Students will be taught proper handwashing procedures that will be reinforced daily.  We will do our best to ensure that students and staff socially distance throughout the school day.  All students and staff will be required to wear masks while inside the FME building. Masks will not be required while students are outside at recess or during PE and lunch times.  If a student chooses to wear a mask during these times, that is ok.  Please provide your child with a mask. Masks may include types such as cloth, surgical, or gators. Vented masks are not to be worn. If a student loses or forgets their mask, or their mask gets wet, we will provide them with a disposable mask. Face shields may be worn as an alternative if the shield has a cloth hood and/or collar. We recognize that some students may struggle with the newness of masks, especially at first. We will not shame or put-down students, but instead encourage, remind, and help build this important safety habit. If your child has a medical or physical reason that will prevent regular mask-wearing, please contact your child’s teacher to begin the discussion of alternatives. 

    Every Friday Beginning September 18th 

    Early release - school ends at 2:15pm

    Buses will run their usual routes just one hour earlier.

    Recreational Swimming September 29th 1 - 1:45pm

    Buses depart Fawn Mountain at 12:30pm. Please send your child with a swimsuit, towel and goggles if they have them. 

    Birthday Treat Policy

    Birthday treats may be dropped at the office. If you would like to come to the classroom with treats, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to make arrangements. Due to the pandemic, we cannot share homemade treats. All treats must be in unopened commercial packaging.  

    Water Bottles

    Please make sure that your child has a water bottle to use at school. We have a water bottle refilling station but all water fountains will be closed. 

    4th Grade Homework

    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday only. Homework for reading and writing is 20 minutes reading per night. We hope to build a lifelong habit and enjoyment of reading. Reading logs are not required. Math homework will not start until the week of September 21st. Please spend no more than 15 minutes per night on math homework and if your child becomes frustrated, please just send it back to school. 


    The Fawn Mountain PTA is looking for new members and officers. More information can be found under the parents tab on our school website. Please click: https://www.kgbsd.org/domain/327 or email PTAfawnmountain@hotmail.com.

    4th Grade Swimming Lessons

    January 4th - 15th

    Edwards homebase 10:15 - 11am

    Hunt homebase 11:00 - 11:45am 

    Students need to bring a towel, swimsuit and goggles if they have them. Buses leave school approximately 30 minutes prior to the lesson time.