• Ms. Hunt's Math Class

    Expect to see a page from their Envision notebooks each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening with some problems circled (no math homework on the weekends). I don’t want people to spend more than 15 minutes on it.  Please have your child bring the homework to me if you are unable to helpFamily time is precious, and I would hate for people to get too frustrated while assisting their children.  

    If you would like to use a free app called ‘Bounce Pages’ it can be a helpful tool for some parents. Once you have it you scan the assigned homework page and then Envision provides a mini-lesson. DON”T WORRY if you can’t figure out what your child is supposed to be doing.  You are not alone☺. Just give it a try and if it just doesn’t make sense, call it good!

    Thanks for your patience as we begin this routine. I appreciate any and all efforts made.  

    Ms. Edwards' English Language Arts Homework Information


    Homework is to read for 15 minutes 4 days a week. Students are welcome to bring books home from our classroom or school library, they can also log into Alaska Digital Library and read online.

    The goal of reading homework is to help students develop the habit of reading daily and to read for enjoyment. Reading logs are not required but are available for students who would like to complete them. Extra copies of reading logs are available in our classroom or can be downloaded here.  


    Students may also wish to study for our weekly spelling tests at home. The weekly spelling list is in student's mailboxes or takehome folders every Monday. Here are some creative ways to study for spelling tests. Spelling begins the 3rd full week of school. 

    Occasionally students will bring home work that was not completed in class. It must be completed and returned the following day for full credit. 




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