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Mrs. Stone

It is a privilege to teach students two of my favorite subjects:  American Government and U.S. History.  The first three words of the Constitution are "We the people," so I consider it imperative for students to know how to assume their role in our government and society.  Knowledge is power, and I want my students to feel empowered to be positive contributors and active participants.  

I have lived most of my life in Alaska, so I have watched the unfolding of many historical events:  statehood, approval of the Alaska Constitution, the building of the TransAlaska Pipeline, and the passage of ANCSA.  My family moved to Fairbanks when I was a year old , as my Dad was hired as news director of a radio and television station.  We moved to Juneau when he became the special assistant to the last territorial governor of Alaska on the last march to statehood.  During that time, many interesting people visited the territory:  future Presidents, journalists, and politicians from all over the country who would have to cast a vote either for or against statehood for Alaska.nI have experienced the excitement of history, as well as the challenges of life in a place that exposed me to limited communication, isolation, and scary events like the earthqualke in 1964.  When my dad completed seminary, we moved to Kodiak, then to Ketchikan, where I graduated from Ketchikan High School.  I graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in political science and armed with my teaching degree, though the thought of teaching high school government at the age of 20 didn't seem like a wise option.  Instead, I turned to banking and managed a bookkeeping department for a large Idaho bank, and instituted a training program for new employees.  My husband Roger, who grew up in Southern Idaho, fell in love with Alaska, so we moved to Ketchikan., and we are glad we did.

Our three daughters were born and raised in Ketchikan.  Tiffany graduated from Kayhi in 1998, and from Pacific Lutheran University in 2002, and is a regional compliance officer for Wells Fargo Bank.  Stacey graduated in 2002 from PLU in 2006, and from Gonzaga Law School in 2009 and is an attorney in Anchorage.  Kimberly graduated from Kayhi in 2009 and from PLU with a degree in music education.  She is teaching dance at the local ballet school and working for Alaska Airlines.  While our daughters were growing up, I chose to do volunteer work and did not return to the classroom until our youngest was in kindergarten.  I am grateful for the years I was able to volunteer in classrooms and with parent teacher organizations, and I enjoyed my volunteer work in church and Girl Scouts.  For eight years I spent part of my summer as a guest lecturer on cruise ships, serving as the "onboard Alaskan" to share stories and information about the areas passengers visited.  Before coming to Kayhi in 2006, I taught geography and U.S. History at Schoenbar.  While I enjoyed my college classes pertaining to being an effective teacher, my greatest lessons have come from helping my own children navigate through school and through the process of deciding what to do and where to go after high school.  My hope was that my children would discover their passion and to work to achieve good things.  The information I gleaned from helping them, I am happy to share with my students and their parents.

Young people in Alaska are fortunate that, because of our small population, they can become acquainted with elected officials and really become part of the process of government.  The activities we do this year will foster that.  Community service requirements will provide the opportunity to learn about how citizen involvement can make the world a better place.