• Remember our Three Bs:

    Be safe!

    Be respectful!

    Be a learner! 


    Fawn Mountain Office Hours: 7:50AM -3:50PM

    • Fawn Mountain Preschools: 8:30AM-12:30PM


      Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: Kindergarten-6th Grade: 8:50AM-3:20PM

      Wednesday: Kindergarten-6th Grade: 8:50AM-2:20PM



      Kindergarten-3rd Grade: 11:30AM-NOON

      4th-6th Grade: NOON-12:30PM



      Kindergarten-3rd Grade: NOON-12:30

      4th-6th Grade: 12:30PM - 1:00PM


      School Lunch Prices:

      Students   $3.35

      Reduced    $0.40

      Adult       $4.75

      Milk        $0.50

       *Breakfast is available to grades Kindergarten through 6th every morning from 8:30AM-8:50AM free of charge*