The Power of Reading

7th and 8th Grade English Homework


    Students read a minimum of 120 minutes per week in the book they've selected.  Ideally, students should read some every night.  I calculate reading rates during class, and generally, students read 80-200 pages each week.  A student may abandon a book if it's not right for him/her, but the goal is to finish reading as many great books as possible. 
    Students may complete some of their reading during the weekend.  I conference with them on Wednesdays to assess progress & assign homework grades.  It is important for them to bring THE BOOK every day to class for me to monitor reading progress and for class discussions.  
    Failure to bring THE BOOK to class on Wednesday can result in a lower homework grade.

    From time to time, students will have additional homework.  Assignments are posted on the board for the week.