The Power of Reading

7th and 8th Grade English Homework


    Read THE BOOK:  Students read 15 pages every day, Monday-Friday, in the book they've selected.  Part of this reading will be done during English class, so students should bring their book to school each day.  There are other opportunities for silent reading during the school day, but some reading at home is expected.
    Because of COVID, our school library is closed.  Students can check out a book at the Ketchikan Public Library or through Alaska Digital Library.  I also have books that I can provide through my classroom library, and students can certainly bring books from home.  Students will complete book projects during class time.The goal is for students to finish two books per quarter.  (or one longer one)
    Additional Homework:  If students don't complete work during class, they finish it for homework.  We will have vocabulary quizzes on a regular basis, generally on Fridays. Tests on literary skills and grammar also happen periodically.  Students will review in class, but studying at home for these assessments is also encouraged.