Work Samples Q&A

  • How do I sign on to Brightways?

    Fast Track and find the Brightways link on the left hand side of the page.

    How do I submit work samples?

    When you go to Brightways there should be an option aside from the ILP, but close to the ILP button.  It is PR or Progress Report.  Just select that and then the green, “Add Grades,” button for the first quarter.  

    You should be able to assign a grade from the dropdown menu and then add your own comments; progress that you have noticed, items you have focused on, how your child feels doing the work.  

    If a class is missing, please contact the office so we can make sure we are all on the same page.

    If you have an electronic copy of examples of the work (such as a scan, the paper/file is already on the computer, or a picture of the sample), you can upload it here with the green, “Add Work,” sample button.   (If you don't have an electronic copy, you can bring it in and we can either take paper copies of it, or I can scan it and add it for you.  Videos can be e-mailed to Carena and she will upload them; there's a trick to it.)

    Then, just add any other information you feel we should know that wasn't covered in the above notes, and then hit the green, “Create Progress Report,” button.  You can always go back and add more information later.

    Work samples video

    What is the definition of a work sample?

    A quality work sample will show the student's progress in learning the subject material.  It is a snapshot glimpse into the home classroom.  It should be graded and/or corrected to show that the parent is aware of the level of mastery of the subject.  

    How many work samples do I have to give?

    We request four examples of core subjects (Math, Science, English, Social Studies), and two examples of electives (PE, Home Economics, etc).

    What is an example?

    Examples of work samples include, but are not limited to:  Worksheets, papers, books (written by the student), videos, Activity logs, Chapter Tests, Daily work, Learning Journal, Projects, Quizzes, Screenshots (good for online classes).  And I'm sure there are other examples of what y'all are doing that I'm not even thinking of.

    When are they due?

    Every quarter:  Oct 25, Jan 17, March 31, June 3

    What if my student is taking an online class through Alaska Digital Academy, Edgenuity, or Canvas?

    We will go in at the quarter and assign the grade the student has currently earned in the class.

    What if my student is taking an online class through Compass, Aleks Math, BYU, ABC Mouse, IXL, or others?

    Please take a screenshot showing a percentage of the class completed, examples of work completed, and grades.  You can now either upload the file to Brightways or you can e-mail it to Carena

    What if I have other questions?

    Contact or 907-247-2127