• My class has five simple rules:
    1. Be respectful.
    2. Be safe.
    3. Be kind.
    4. Work hard.
    5. Do the right thing.
    My classroom will always follow the Schoenbar Student Handbook's policies.  Students and parents should read the handbook so we are all on the same page with expectations.  The policies in the handbook were created to help our students be successful and to keep our students healthy and safe.  You can find the handbook here: Schoenbar Student Handbook
    There will be two kinds of homework in my language arts classes:
    1. Vocabulary Development 
    For much of the year, we will be learning Greek root words in 7th grade and Latin root words in 8th grade. Students have time in class on Mondays to complete their weekly pages for a Root Words Book. However, if they don't finish in class, this assignment is due every Friday. In the spring when we've finished our root word studies, students will have a set of weekly vocabulary that relates to whatever literature we are reading. These weekly vocabulary assignments will also be due on Fridays.
    2. Independent Reading Log and Report
    For Independent Reading, students will pick their own books.  They will need to maintain a reading log.  The expectation is that students will read at least 120 minutes per week, and they will read on at least three days of the week.  Ideally, this would happen in 15 to 20 minute chunks each day.  Reading Logs are due every Wednesday.  When a student finishes a book, they will complete a Book Breakdown report.  This assignment can count for 40 minutes of reading time on their reading log.  Students will not receive credit for reading a new book until their Book Breakdown is completed.  Students will receive very specific instructions to complete these assignments.
    Hall Pass:
    It is important that students spend class time in class as much as possible.  Time management is an important skill for kids to learn and practice.  Students should use the restroom and visit the water fountain during their passing period.  Students may use the hall pass three times per quarter.  If they need to use more than three passes in a quarter, they will trade me participation points for the extra passes (because when they aren't in class, they aren't participating).  If a true emergency arises, of course students will be allowed to visit the office or the restroom without any penalty.
    Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Devices:
    This policy is in the student handbook, but I just wanted to reiterate that students should put all phones and electronic devices from home away as soon as they enter the building.  They should only have their school issued Chromebooks with them during the school day.  Smart phones and hand-held gaming devices can also be a huge distraction and disruption to others at school.  We ask that students respect the learning environment by keeping their devices off and put away until after school. This includes headphones/earbuds. If I see these devices in my classroom, I will ask the student to turn them over. The first time, they can get it back from me at the end of the day. If it happens a second time, they will have to collect their electronics from the front office.
    If you have any questions about anything going on specifically in my classroom or at school in general, please do not hesitate to contact me.  School works better when we work together!