• Rules

    In order to guarantee the best possible learning environment, we have three guidelines which must be adhered to at all times:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Engaged.  These guidelines include how students treat the school, teacher, classmates, themselves, and the educational process.  All classroom rules fall easily into these guidelines.  During the first week of school, students will work together to discuss behaviors that fit in these guidelines to encourage making good behavioral choices.  

     We celebrate birthdays in our classroom.  Each student may provide treats on his or her birthday (or closest school day) for the class during lunch time.  For students with summer birthdays, we will celebrate their half birthday.  If you would like to provide treats for your student's birthday, you must provide a treat for everyone.  Due to an allergy, birthday treats MUST have one dairy-free option!  Of course, you do not have to provide treats if you cannot or do not want to.  Please let me know if you do not want your child's birthday celebrated at all, as I will happily respect that choice.


    At KCS, homework is part of our academic expectations for students.  It helps develop student work ethic and personal organizational skills.  It also helps reinforce concepts learned in school and informs the parent/guardian of what is being taught in class.  Our homework routine in 4th grade will be very similar to what we did in 3rd grade.

    Homework Log: on Mondays, students are given a homework log with the week’s assignments.  Each student’s homework log and homework folder must travel to/from school each day.  This insures that parents stay informed about the assignments and their student’s progress.  I will check that the previous night’s homework is turned in and initial the homework log daily.  Assignments with a checkmark have been turned in and assignments that are circled have not been turned in.  Any communication between school and home may be written on the log if there is sufficient space.  The completed homework log will be scored at the end of the week.   

    Reading: students should read for enjoyment every day.  You can determine how/what your student reads and for how long.  Reading can take the traditional form, but you can also be creative.  Some activities I count as appropriate reading homework are: reading a recipe to cook a meal or create a grocery list, writing a letter, or playing an appropriate English Language Arts game, such as Scrabble.  I usually recommend that students do their reading homework for 15-30 minutes per night, but the family can decide on the length of time each evening.  To show that students have read they can show me one of two things: an adult’s initials on the reading portion of the homework log, or a short summary of what they read/did on the back of the homework log.    

    Spelling: we will start the year with a review of cursive handwriting (no homework attached to this), then move into spelling after a few weeks.  Students will usually have spelling activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.  We will take practice spelling tests on Thursdays.  The students who earn an A+ on Thursday will have no spelling homework Thursday night and they do not need to take the test on Friday.  The students who missed words on the practice test will practice writing those words for their homework.  We might not have a spelling list every single week!  Some weeks we will focus on other things, such as studying for history or science tests.  This will be explained on the weekly homework log.  

    Math: students will usually have an Envision math sheet that corresponds with the day’s lesson as homework.  Students will rarely complete every question on a worksheet.   The problems that are to be completed will be circled on the worksheet and listed on the homework log. 

    Scoring & Late Work: each piece of homework is worth 10 points.  On a full week of homework, students can earn 40 points for reading, 40 points for spelling/handwriting, and 40 points for math.  I will gladly accept late work for 9 out of 10 points up to a week after the due date.

    Please feel free to call or email me for clarification on any of this information.

    We try to have snack in our classroom every day.  At times, the school may provide a healthy snack, however this is not daily.  Students are welcome to bring their own snack from home to eat as long as it is easy to eat and does not make a mess.  Water bottles are welcome at all times.  
    Our classroom is open to parent visitors and volunteers at all times.  I would be grateful for any parent volunteers who are willing to share their time with us this year.  Volunteering can take many forms.  You may make a presentation on a special topic, prepare materials, help out during hands-on projects, or simply be present and available to assist students.  If you would like to be emailed when volunteer opportunities arise, just let me know and I will include you in the email list.