• My name is Sherri White LeCornu, and I teach the Intensive Needs Program at Schoenbar Middle School.  We have a combination program for 7th and 8th graders and our students are supported by Individualized Education Plans that include paraprofessionals, to help every student succeed in all of their classes.  Our program moves throughout the school in standard classrooms, while I teach individualized classes in Rooms 207 and 208.  In our program, we are successful as we follow the Four P's:  Prompt, Prepared, Polite and Participating. 

    I am a veteran teacher of 30 plus years and I have taught Special Education for over 27 years.  I first fell in love with KGBSD in 1991 and moved from Seattle to teach at Houghtaling, White Cliff, and Pt. Higgins Elementary  Schools before finding my "home" here at Schoenbar.  I received my Special Ed. Degree at Seattle Pacific University and my Teaching Degree at Portland State University.

    If you have any questions or would like to help or volunteer, please call me at Schoenbar!

    Thank YOU!

    Sherri White LeCornu

    Special Education Teacher

    Schoenbar Middle School

    (907) 228-7202