• Welcome Second Grade Parents!
    This year I will visit each second grade classroom once a week on Wednesdays to teach a guidance lesson from the Second Step program. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your students.
    You can also join the Second Step Family Outreach by logging on to www.secondstep.org and using the activation key: SSP2 FAMI LY72
    We will cover the following four units:
    Unit I: Skills for Learning
    Lesson 1- Being Respectful
    Lesson 2- Focusing Attention and Listening
    Lesson 3-Using Self-Talk
    Lesson 4- Being Assertive
    Unit II: Empathy
    Lesson 5- Identifying Feelings
    Lesson 6- Learning More About Feelings
    Lesson 7- Feeling Confident
    Lesson 8- respecting Different Preferences
    Lesson 9- Showing Compassion
    Lesson 10- Predicting Feelings
    Unit III: Emotion Management
    Lesson 11- Introducing Emotion Management
    Lesson 12- Managing Embarrassment
    Lesson 13- Handling Making Mistakes 
    Lesson 14- Managing Anxious Feelings
    Lesson 15- Managing Anger
    Lesson 16- Finishing Tasks
    Unit IV: Problem Solving
    Lesson 17- Solving Problems, Part 1
    Lesson 18- Solving Problems, Part 2
    Lesson 19- Taking Responsibility
    Lesson 20- Responding to Playground Exclusion
    Lesson 21- Playing Fairly on the Playground
    Lesson 22- Reviewing Second Step Skills 
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