Dear Parents of 6th grade band students,

    Thank you for encouraging your child to be a part of the Houghtaling band program!  This is an exciting time in the life of every student who chooses to play a musical instrument.  For the parent, the amount of patience needed is sometimes greater than that needed by the student.  Hopefully, the information provided in this handout will help to make this new adjustment go smoothly.

       Please read this, then sign and return the portion that indicates you have done so.  If questions arise throughout the year you may feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the band program (my contact information is located at the bottom). It is a privilege and I am very excited to make music with the students here at Houghtaling, and with your help I believe the band program here will be a fun and successful endeavor.  



    Jillian Pollock 


    Contact Information

    Phone: (907) 228-2061

    Email: Jillian.Pollock@K21schools.org

    Classroom/Band website:  http://hte.kgbsd.org/Domain/878