• Hello families of Ketchikan!

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    My name is Jillian Pollock and this is my first year teaching at Houghtaling and Fawn Mountain Elementaries. I am a lifelong Alaskan who was raised on a homestead in Sutton without running water or electricity (yes, I am all too familiar with "blue jugs" of water and running to the outhouse at night in the winter). While completing my undergraduate studies I continued this lifestyle by purchasing a motorhome and outfitting it with a small woodstove and solar panels, and lived in my "motor mansion" for 2 years. For the past 7 months I have lived and taught K-12 music/band/choir in the village of Unalakleet, a community of about 800 people in Norton Sound on the coast of the Bering Sea. While in Unalakleet I spent a great deal of my time fishing, hunting (beaver, muskrat, birds), collecting berries (when in season), and took a part time job at the cannery processing fish and working on the "slime-line". My experiences have led me to seek communities that value simplicity and the natural environment, and Ketchikan seems like a wonderful place to call home.
    I have created a website that outlines my Philosophy of music education, and this includes an "about me" portion that provides my educational and professional credentials that may be viewed here: http://sites.google.com/a/alaska.edu/philosophy-of-education-music/home
    In addition to professional preferences and experiences my hobbies include outdoor recreation, instrument exploration (right now I am learning how to play the mandolin!), sustainability practices, and am working on building a cabin out of recycled materials. If your student has particular hobbies or interests please include them in the “Get to know you” form that I will be sending home with students (it is also attached in "Assignments" on this website) so we may incorporate these interests into the curriculum! I believe inter-disciplinary practices and student centered learning are key components to successful and enjoyable education. I look forward to getting to know the Houghtaling and Fawn Mountain communities and am excited about the endless possibilities this year has to offer!
    With Gratitude,
    Jillian Pollock
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