Meet the Teacher 


    My name is Jamie Karlson and I am the Schoenbar Middle School Music Director.
    I received my BA in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Idaho in 2011 and completed my student teaching at Schoenbar under the mentorship of Mary Kurth.
     I am passionate about music and enjoy playing and teaching a variety of instruments. My main instrument of study is the flute, but throughout my career I have developed as a more flexible musician on various woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments. 
    I have been an active member of various performing groups that include the Ketchikan Community Concert Band, Windjammers Jazz Club, the Ketchikan Big Band, the Ketchikan Woodwind Quintet, the Ketchikan Orchestra Project, the First City Players Musical Pit, and the Fairbanks Flutists. 
    Aside from music and teaching, my other passion lies with the Community of Ketchikan and the beauty that surrounds it. In the summers I work as a charter fishing captain. In my free time I enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, and going on adventures with my dog Buddy.