Book Swap!

Annual Houghtaling Book Swap - Wednesday May 30th

  • Students and staff bring in gently used books that they no longer need or want.  These are gathered and somewhat sorted prior to the actual book swap event.  Teachers keep track of how many books each student donated.  When the class comes down to "shop" each student may take as many items as they donated as well as an extra two books.  So even if a student doesn't donate to the book swap, he or she still gets to choose a couple of used books to keep.  

    Please CHECK OVER THE ITEMS YOUR CHILD WANTS TO DONATE.  Once they are in the swap, they are selected by another child and walk out of the library permanantly.  We do not want your family to accidentally lose books that are heirlooms or of sentimental value.

    • Please NO magazines.
    • Please NO books that are adult subject matter.
    • Please NO books with significant damage; normal wear is okay but books with damaged covers, ripped pages and scribbling on them are not appropriate for the book swap.