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  • Daily Schedule

    8:45am students arrive, screened, and breakfast

    9:00am in classrooms for start of school day

    11:30am K-3 Lunch

    12:00pm 4-6 Lunch

    Pre-K Hours

    AM Session: 8:20am - 11:00am

    PM Session:  12:30pm - 3:00pm

    Friday Early Release


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    Student Absence
    If your child is going to be absent from school, for any reason, please call the school office first thing in the morning (907)228-2203. When a student is absent, only the office can change the status to "excused."  Thank you
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  • Text Alerts, Announcement, and Reminders

    Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District uses the SchoolMessenger notification system to provide timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as attendance, lunch balances, transportation, school activities, and emergencies.  This system is designed to send phone calls, emails, and text messages; allowing you to select how you prefer to be contacted. 
    The district will only use the service to provide information that is timely and relevant. 
    To participate in the text messaging service, you must indicate your willingness to receive text messages to your phone. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete. 
    Simply text any one of the following words to the number 68453: subscribe, option, yes 
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School News

  • There will be no school for students 11/25-11/27. Report cards will be sent home with students 11/24. Please note address labels, if your address has changed, please let the office know.

    We are also sending home a green sheet of paper for a family fun craft to make at home, and return to school on Monday to display at Fawn Mountain.

    Have a wonderful break

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  • There will be no school 11/25-11/27. Report cards will be sent home 11/24, along w/a family craft to create & bring back.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving break:11/25-11/27.We will be back in school on 11/30. Have a wonderful break

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  • Cold temperatures predicted this week. Please ensure students dress warmly

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  • Fawn Mountain School Families,
    Governor Dunleavy recently sent out an alert asking all Alaskans to take immediate action to stop the spread of COVID.  Commissioner Johnson followed the message in a separate meeting explaining that schools need to continue to work with their municipality in making decisions regarding schools. 
    With this information, we are continuing to work with the KGBSD School Board,  Ketchikan EOC policy group, and Ketchikan Public Health in making educational decisions for the students' safety and health in mind. 
    Currently, the district will continue to operate at the medium levels currently in place. Students here at Fawn Mountain School and the STAC Annex will continue with in-person learning five days a week. 
    There will be no afterschool programs for the week of Nov 16th-20th.
    We thank you for all of your support and diligence in keeping staff and students safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
    Nick Higson, Principal
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  • COVID Medium Risk Level Plan

    November 5, 2020

    Dear Parents and Families of Fawn Mountain Elementary,

    This evening, the School Board voted to move our district Covid-19 risk level to Medium in response to the rise in cases in our community. Fortunately, due to all of the hard work by staff, planning, and resources put in place since the beginning of the school year, the adjustments needed at Fawn Mountain Elementary School are relatively minor. Students will all come to school tomorrow, including our preschool students, and continue attending Monday through Friday at the normal school times. The district will stay at the Medium level for a minimum of two weeks, unless the need arises to increase to High. Below are some of the adjustments made at this risk level:

    Fawn Mountain Elementary School Medium Risk Covid Plan

    School Schedule 

    All students will continue to be onsite five days a week. If the medium risk level is  sustained and approaches High, we may re-adjust and students attend Monday Thursday with Friday used for at-home learning and teacher preparation for High Risk  100% at-home learning. 

    Student Placement 

    In-district transfers of students from elementary schools within KGBSD will only be  considered in cases of profound and demonstrated academic need. Other student  enrollments will continue up to the pre-established classroom caps. 

    Physical Spacing 

    All student seating need to be arranged in the classroom so that students are 6 feet  away from each other. If the room does not allow 6 feet spacing, the students will need  to be arranged to be as close to 6 feet as reasonably possible while keeping the room  functional for learning. 

    Cohort Groups 

    Maintain cohort groups by class. Recess option will move from by grade level to by  class only. 


    PE classes inside the gym will be required to wear masks during activities that are not  conducive to appropriate social distancing. If class is held outside, students would be  able to continue to have no mask on. Masks will be required 100% of the time in music  class. 

    Prep for At Home Learning 

    Teachers ensure students are adequately prepared for at-home learning. “Go-bag”  packets are updated, Canvas courses are published and practiced in-class, and  communication is sent home reminding parents of the class’s plan for at-home learning. 

    Have a printout ready of login information for email, Canvas, Pearson, etc., to be sent  home and emailed to students and parents. 


    Limit student time in the hallway. Students transiting in the hallway should be for  scheduled activities (such as Title groups or SpEd services), bathroom use, and  unplanned situations such as disciplinary office visits or health aide examinations. 

    Student Release 

    Parent Pickup and bus riders will remain the same. Students are escorted out of school  on an individual basis to their parent(s) waiting in front of the school or in the car pick up  line. Bus riders are walked out of the school in an orderly fashion to their designated  bus. 

    Support Services 

    Title and Special Education services will continue. Staff will make full use of PPE if  interacting in close proximity of a student for longer than five minutes. 

    Office Visits 

    Staff will limit indoor social congregations, including in the office. Students sent to the  health aide for symptom evaluation will be seen individually. Parents and visitors will  continue to check in at the office. Materials will need to be dropped off for their children.  Students will be called down to the office if parents need to make contact with them  personally. 

    Mask Wearing 

    Students and staff continue wearing masks except for when eating and drinking. “Mask  Breaks” should be used only when developmentally needed, be very short in duration,  and at times when a student is more than 6 feet away from another student. 

    Afterschool Activities 

    Suspension of all afterschool clubs until the school district moves back to a lower risk  level.

    All of us at Fawn Mountain Elementary School are very appreciative for the opportunity to continue critical onsite learning, and I am proud of our ability to do so while maximizing student and staff safety. We thank the community for your support and granting of resources to do so. If you have any questions about this change in risk level and our plans to meet the challenge, please call the school or reach out to me directly.

    To Your Child’s Success!

    Nick Higson

    Fawn Mountain Elementary Principal

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  • Are you in crisis? Call the Ketchikan Crisis Line: 225-2273

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  • Alaska Digital Library





    Alaska Digital Library How-To Video

    Click on the link above to watch a 4-minute video that teaches you how to log on to the Alaska Digital Library.

    Clicking on the AK Digital Library Logo at the top of this post will take you to their website.

    Not sure of your library #? Email your school's library-media specialist! 

    For Fawn Mountain kids, that's Mrs. B: 


    Thanks to Mrs. Brandt-Erichsen for putting together this video!



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