• Welcome Fifth Grade Parents!
    I will meet once a week in their classroom for a short guidance lesson teaching the skills listed below. I am so excited to get to know your students! Together, we can help build skills in each student to help them in school and life for many years to come! 
    You are also invited to join the Second Step Family Outreach at www.secondstep.org using the activation key: SSP5 FAMI LY75 
    Unit I: Empathy and Skills for Learning
    Lesson 1- Empathy and Respect
    Lesson 2- Listening and Attention
    Lesson 3- Being Assertive
    Lesson 4- Predicting Feelings
    Lesson 5- Taking Others' Perspectives
    Lesson 6- Accepting Differences
    Lesson 7- Disagreeing Respectfully
    Lesson 8- Responding with Compassion 
    Unit II: Emotion Management
    Lesson 9-Introduction Emotion Management
    Lesson 10- Calming Down
    Lesson 11- Managing Anxiety
    Lesson 12- Managing Frustration
    Lesson 13- Resisting Revenge
    Lesson 14- Handling Put-Downs
    Lesson 15- Avoiding Assumptions 
    Unit III: Problem Solving
    Lesson 16- Solving Problems, Part 1
    Lesson 17- Solving Problems, Part 2
    Lesson 18- Making a Plan
    Lesson 19- Seeking Help
    Lesson 20- Dealing with Gossip
    Lesson 21- Dealing with Peer Pressure
    Lesson 22- Reviewing Second Step Skills 
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