• I will meet once a week in their classroom for a short guidance lesson teaching the skills listed below. I am so excited to get to know your students! Together, we can help build skills in each student to help them in school and life for many years to come! 
     Please join your student on Second Steps Family Outreach at www.secondsteps.org using activation key: SSP9 FAMI LY12
     Guidance Topics:
    Unit I: Empathy and Communication
       Lesson 1- Working in Groups
       Lesson 2- Friends and Allies
       Lesson 3-Considering Perspectives
       Lesson 4-Disagreeing Respectfully
       Lesson 5-Being Assertive
    Unit II: Bully Prevention
       Lesson 6-Recognizing Bullying
       Lesson 7-Bystanders
    Unit III: Emotion Management
       Lesson 8-Emotions-Brain and Body
       Lesson 9-Calming-Down Strategies
    Unit IV: Problem Solving
       Lesson 10-Using the Action Steps
       Lesson 11-Making a Plan
    Unit V: Substance Abuse Prevention
       Lesson 12- Tobacco and Marijuana
       Lesson 13- Alcohol and Inhalants 
       Lesson 14- Identifying Hopes and Plans
       Lesson 15- Making a Commitment 
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