• Frequently Asked Questions

    What materials do I need for this class?

    • Binder/folder—you will receive numerous copies, so use a system that works to keep yourself organized!  KEEP ALL WRITTEN WORK UNTIL THE END OF THE QUARTER/SEMESTER!
    • Pen/pencil & Paper
    • Grade checks can be done via Powerschool.  You need to know how to access Powerschool.  You need to know your “username” and “password,” so please see the counseling office for assistance.
    • Coat/jacket.  Room 230 is cold. 


    Can I hand in work late?

    • I strongly recommend that you submit all work on time.  From my experience, students who continually hand in late work do not benefit from the course and almost always earn low grades. 
    • You can submit work, on time and late, within our unit of study. 
    • “On Time” work accounts for 10% of your overall grade.  Please see below for an example.


    Assignments are graded for both timeliness and content/quality.  To earn on time “OT” points, you must meet the deadline.   If you meet the deadline, you will earn an easy A+ (10/10); however, if you fail to meet the deadline, you will earn 0/10 (F).  On time points cannot be made up; they account for 10% of your overall semester grade. 










    What are the rules in this class?

    • Treat others with respect.
    • You are here to learn, so please conduct yourself accordingly!
    • Please help keep this room clean—water and food are okay but keep it quiet & clean!
    • Cell phones and ipods are a distraction and school policy prohibits their use in the classroom.  I will expect you to POWERDOWN while in this class!



    What happens if I am late or absent to class?

    ·       Tardies:  Please be in class on time with required supplies or you will be marked tardy—after 10 minutes I must mark you absent.

    o   school policy: 5 tardies = after school detention.

    ·       Absences: Even when absent, you are still responsible for the work in this class!

    ·       Excused Absences:  A student who has an excused absence has as many days as he/she was gone in which to complete the assignment(s).

    ·       Pre-arranged School Absences: Communicate dates of trips with me and try to get missed work BEFORE your trip. 

    ·       Student Athletes and Participants: All work is due the day you return from your school activity per school policy.



    Grading: Quarter and Semester Grades are weighted as follows:



    Work and Exams = 90%                       On-Time Work 10%    






    What is the best way to get in contact with Mrs. Campbell?

    • Come see me! I am available before and after school (7:45-8:00am & 2:49-4:00pm). Snack Break is also a great time to get extra help, chat about grades, etc.
    • I am not the best about checking my voice mail—but I am usually really good about returning emails.  Feel free to email me at: Sarah.Campbell@k21schools.org