• Career Planning
    The Counseling Center is happy to help students find jobs, whether for the school year, the summer, or after graduation. We also have resources to help you fill out a job application, write a resume, and market yourself to get the job you want.
    Visit this website to learn more about apprenticeships and technical schools and how to choose which may be right for you! 
    Learn about Resume writing using the following forms and websites:
    The Alaska Career Information System.  An excellent tool to search for careers and learn about the training necessary to reach your goals.
    Username:  ketchhs  Password:  4Student 
    Interested in Nursing? 
    Check out this website for information on Nursing Career Pathways in Alaska.
    Search Alaska's Job Bank.  This site lists every job available in the state.
    Providing Services to Employers and Workers Seeking Employment 
    2030 Sea Level Drive, Ste 220
    This is an easy-to-navigate site with lots of information about vocational careers, career exploration, and plenty of links to REAL information from each field. Everybody should take a minute to explore this site!
    A great site to research careers, education, marketable skills, and jobs.