• Snack
    We will have snack each morning and each afternoon to help give us a little extra boost.  Please send in a snack with your students each day.  I am also asking that you send in a box of crackers or something I can store in the cupboard.  We also have a fridge for some fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, etc. for students who forget snack.  This extra snack in the classroom also helps if students have eaten all their lunch that was packed during their morning snack and lunch.  As we learn and grow we need the extra snack as we run out of our own personal snacks.  THANK YOU!!!
    Students quietly signal me to use the bathroom.  Students can use the restroom as much as needed unless they are not being responsible.  I may ask them to wait a minute so I can finish explaining directions so they understand what is expected of them when they return. 
    We love to celebrate birthdays in first grade!  We have 18 students in the class, so if you are bringing a treat, please keep that in mind.  We celebrate birthdays at the end of the day around 2:45, if that time does not work we can be flexible.  Please let me know you are coming in so we can plan accordingly.  I can always store birthday treats in the classroom if you need to drop them off early.  We also have peanut and tree nut allergies in ourclassroom so please do not include peanuts and tree nuts in any treats or snacks sent in.  THANK YOU!!!
    There is no mandatory homework for our class.  I do ask that you please read with your child each night.  This routine helps build a love for reading and exposes them to literature.  Math will come home for each lesson we do.  This is optional for you to do at home and does not need to come back to school.  
    If your child does not finish work in class, this work will become homework.  I will message you about this so you know it is coming home and to look for it.  This helps us finish work that we didn't finish due to not using our class time wisely without missing out on recess time (so our brains and bodies can have a little break).
    Classroom Management
    I use Class Dojo in our classroom to keep open communication with parents and help us see if there are any behavior trends happening so we can best help your child in class.  Throughout the day you will see positive and needs work points awarded to your child.  The goal is not to get 100% each day, but to focus on how many good choices we made.  This is also a great way for you to help me track if your child is struggling during a specific activity or part of the day.  If there is an issues that is concerning to me I will either write you a message or your child and I will give you a call.  The first week of school you will receive an email or text message with your access information.  Please use this application for communication between home and school, as well as talking to your children about their day at school.  This is a great tool and app to keep communication between families and teacher.  It is also great to see how wonderful your student is doing throughout the day!  Here is the link https://www.classdojo.com/.