• summerschool
    This site is the home of the online summer school program in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District.  This program is being run by the partnership of Fast Track Virtual School and Revilla High School located in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Because of this partnership with funding, we are able to offer online summer classes through the district's Edgenuity online curriculum.
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     Summer School Enrollment Checklist
    1. Determine which credit option fits your need
    2. Complete the online enrollment form
    3. If you select the credit recovery option, download and complete this form.
      Credit Recovery Request Form

    There are three types of credit that can be earned through our online summer school program:
    Credit Recovery:
    CREDIT RECOVERY IS BEST TAKEN AT REVILLA HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE.  This will give the student the best chance of success.
    If attendance at Revilla is not an option, credit recovery can be arranged through our online program.   For credit recovery, a customized course is created in which the highest grade a student can obtain is a 70% (C-).  For credit recovery courses, daily attendance in our online labs at Kayhi are required unless prior approval is obtained.
    1. Teacher recommendation and input on curriculum assigned. (What standards need to be mastered?) or diagnostic assessment.
    2. Principal or designee recommendation.
    3. Revilla Online teacher consultation and course customization (based on input from either teacher input or diagnostic assessment).
    Credit Replacement:
     Students may request application of this policy for a course in which you are currently enrolled if you previously enrolled in the same course and received a grade of C or lower and you did not have an academic integrity infraction the first time you took the course.  The original grade remains on your permanent transcript, but does not count toward the calculation of your GPA.  Only the grade in the second attempt will be included in GPA calculation.
    Credit Advancement:
    Students may request application of this policy for a course in which they desire additional credits in a certain content area or need to take a course that doesn't fit into their regular school schedule.

    For those situations where attendance at Revilla isn't possible,  Credit recovery courses will be a subset of specific regular course standards and will be individualized based on input from information that will include: