• CreditRecovery

    Revilla Online Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery will be used in situations where a block of instruction is required that is less than a standard course of study for a given course.  Credit recovery often differs from “first time credit” in that the students have already satisfied seat time  requirements for the course in which they were unsuccessful, and can focus on earning credit based  on competency of the content standards for the particular course. Credit recovery programs, in  general, have a primary focus of helping students stay in school and graduate on time.
    Credit recovery courses will be a subset of specific regular course standards and will be individualized based on input from information that will include:
    1. Teacher recommendation and input on curriculum assigned. (What standards need to be mastered?) or diagnostic assessment.
    2. Principal or designee recommendation.
    3. Revilla Online teacher consultation and course customization (based on input from either teacher input or diagnostic assessment).
    Credit Awarded

    It should be understood that upon the successful completion of the credit recovery course that:

    1. The length of credit recovery courses shall be dictated by the skills  and knowledge the student needs to recover and not be a fixed length of seat time.
    2. The grade to be recovered will be replaced with the average of the original grade and the credit recovery grade. This grade will not exceed 70%.
    3. The grade for the course that credit is recovered will figure into the student's GPA and will be eligible to count for the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

    The following flowchart will be used to guide all credit recovery classes to be offered by KGBSD:

    Credit Recovery Flowchart