•    The Student Safety Committee, established by the School Board on  January 29,  2014,  is charged with the following duties:

    • To conduct a review of the Board of Education Policies 5131.1 - 5131.9 and of the administrative regulations cross-referenced with those policies;
    • To develop a draft of standards in an advisory capacity, regarding student safety that the district will consider in setting related policy, and to submit the draft to  the BOE (Board of Education) for consideration;
    • To make other recommendations to the BOE regarding student safety as deemed necessary by the committee.

    Other Committee Details:

    The committee shall, upon the conclusion of its duties, submit a final report to the Board of Education. The final report must be submitted to the Board of Education within one year of the committee's organizational meeting.  (The organizational meeting was held on May 7, 2014).
    The committee shall dissolve upon the adoption of the final report by the Board of Education, unless otherwise directed by the Board President.

    For a list of meeting dates and a summary of the committee's actions, click here: