• Each week, as a school, we focus on one skill in the PBIS matrix.  This theme is read on the announcements and eagerly spotted by staff.  
    We encourage the students to practice this skill all week! 
    Nov 27-Dec 1
    Being respectful in assemblies. That means keeping your body still, eyes watching, ears listening, and not being distracted.
    Nov 20-21
    Being safe in 5S lines. That means stay in a straight line, keep your body and belongings to yourself, use slow walking feet and stay on the right side of the hallway.
    Nov 13-17
    Being a learner on the playground. That means be a problem solver and learn new games and activities.
    Nov 6-10
    Being safe in the lunchroom. That means use your walking feet, clean your area and use tongs at the salad bar.
    Oct 30-Nov 3
    Being respectful in the bathroom. That means allow privacy for others, clean up after yourself and take nothing into the bathroom but yourself.
    Oct 23-26
    Being learner in the classroom. That means be a positive risk taker, be prepared, work together, give full effort and be an active participant.
    Oct 16-20
    Being respectful in all settings. That means treat others the way you want to be treated, follow adult direction, use polite language and help keep the school orderly.
    Oct 9-13
    Being safe at the water fountain. That means keeping your mouth off the fountain so  not to spread germs, make a line to use it, and only put water down the fountain.
    Oct 2-6
    Being a learner in assemblies. That means raise your hand to share and keep questions and comments on topic.
    Sept 26-29
    Being safe in the bathroom. That means one person per stall, flush toilets, keep water in the sink and use soap appropriatel
    Sept 18-22
    Being respectful in the hallway. That means walking quietly so other can continue learning and keeping your hands to yourself.

    Sep11-15:     Being safe on the playground. That means using the equipment  for its intended purpose, participate in school approved games only, stay in approved areas, dress appropriately and keep your body to yourself.

    Sep 5-8
    Being respectful in the lunchroom. That means using proper manners, manage your time to eat your food, say "please" and "thank you" and leave only when an adult excuses you.  Also, use your peaceful inside voice.
    Aug 30-Sep 1
    Being respectful in the classroom. That means following classroom expectations, use a peaceful voice, respect the property of others, take care of yourself and be honest.