•  sociology
    Grading Scale:
      • Assignments: 20%
      • Quizzes: 30%
      • Tests: 30%
      • Exams: 20%
      • Additional: 0%
      Human Geography A & B
      Course Number:    RBEL2045.E2020
      Length:  1 semester (0.5 credit elective)
      Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $100.00)
      Instructor:  David Mitchel

      Course Description
      A year-long high school level course takes a thematic approach to understanding the development of human systems. Building upon the National Geography Standards, the course focuses on human understanding of the world and human social organization. The course explores the human-environment interaction, and the interactions among human systems. Semester one introduces students to geographic concepts, theories, models, and methods. Students will develop geographic skills including learning to interpret maps, analyze data, and compare theories. Students will apply their geographic and historical skills while studying physical geography of the major world regions, population and migration patterns, cultural and political systems. Throughout their study, students will examine current global issues that impact our world today. Semester two explores global connections: tracing the development of modern civilization and human systems from the agricultural revolution to the technological revolution, and the development of the modern urban space. Students will analyze economic trends, and compare global markets and urban environments. Students will also examine the effects of technology on societies and environments, including human movement, communications, climate change, and pollution. Finally, students will identify challenges facing the modern world.