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    Grading Scale:
    • Assignment              0%
    • Essays                      0%
    • Quizzes                  20% 
    • Tests                      10%
    • Exams                      0%
    • Projects                  70%
    Engineering Design 1: Windows Logo  Windows Only Course
    Course Number:    EL5728
    Length:  1 semester (0.5 credit elective)
    Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $100.00)
    Instructor:  Bill Whicker

    Course Description

    Designers and manufacturers in virtually every industry use computeraided design systems to create engineering design solutions. In this onesemester course, students will master the basics of CAD software: creating points, lines, other geometric forms, isometric drawings, and 3D models. Students will learn how to translate initial concepts into functional designs and 3D walkthroughs. Students will explore career options for engineers and CAD designers in this handson introductorylevel course.

    This course includes instruction on how to create standardized drawings using basic CAD tools; interpreting 3D and 2D views of objects; producing orthographic, auxiliary, and section drawings; and creating a set of working drawings meant to be viewed by clients.

    This course is aligned to the Washington State CTE Drafting and Design Technology framework and the Texas State TEKS ComputerAided Drafting framework. This course is partially aligned to the Washington State CTE Engineering Design I framework and Project Lead the Way’s Introduction to Engineering Design framework.

    Topics of Study:


    • Plotting shapes using coordinates
    • Threeview orthographic drawings
    • Sectional and auxiliary views
    • Isometric and perspective drawings
    • Dimensioning
    • Working drawings
    • Creating 3D objects in CAD


    Course Features:


    • The course provides stepbystep instruction on how to use CAD Standard Lite and Google SketchUp™, two innovative CAD software programs.
    • In many projectbased assignments, students will use CAD Standard Lite to create threeview orthographic drawings of objects and designs.
    • In a dimensioning assignment, students will produce a set of professionalgrade working drawings.
    • In the final assignment of the course, students will use Google SketchUp to produce a threedimensional design and then do a walkthrough of the design from the perspective of a human at the same scale as the design.
    • Interviews with professionals in the field provide a careerrelated context for students’ knowledge.
    • This course includes many course graphics, animated images, and interactive exercises that enhance students’ understanding.
    • Each section of the course includes one or more projectbased assignments that have students apply what they learned.