• 7th Grade Mathematics                                            Mr. Sullivan                   Room 231    

    Welcome to Math Class! This year we’ll be using the enVision Math 2.0 curriculum. This curriculum is designed to help all students develop their mathematical understanding and ability. The materials stress not only key mathematical skills, but also the importance of problem solving, reasoning, and critical thinking. One component of this approach is that students will spend time discussing and writing about mathematics.    The book is available on line and the link is on the left side of the student power school page where they see their grades.                   

    enVision Math 2.0  uses a variety of instructional techniques to motivate students.  Much of this is done on-line.   

    Each lesson takes about 2 days.  
    The first day, the class goes through examples to build a mental image of the concept and practice.  Homework is the "Do You Understand, Do You Know How" problems 
    The second day, We review the homework and then work on the "Practice and Problem Solving" problems
    There are 2 tests each chapter.  The mid-topic test and the end-of-topic test.  There is a review day before each test.

    enVision Parent Tip Guide

    This is a new program so please be flexible.  I will add more to this page as I can.
    Homework  do the homework in the student book, show all your work, be prepared to discuss problems and questions.


    Calculators we will often use calculators in class.  TI-30 calculators are good ones to buy - about $10.

    Vocabulary is very important and I will encourage you to write definitions in the pages at the back of your book.

    Extra Credit:   participation in class


    I am looking forward to a great year with you.


                 Ole Sullivan – ole.sullivan@k21schools.org


    We have released an updated version of our eText 2.0 for Schools app for use on Apple iPad. The latest features and enhancements include:
    • Notebook functionality for taking notes and responding to assignment prompts.
    • Downloadable content by chapter for offline use.
    • Support for interactive content (audio, images, and video).
    • Teacher-assigned reading selections from Realize where students can access their assignments from within eText 2.0 for Schools.
    • Several minor bug fixes.
    Programs currently supported by eText 2.0 for Schools are listed in the description section on iTunes. 
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