• Musicianship Levels
    Each of you this year will need to complete some musicianship levels for your Midterm and Final in Band. Each Musicianship Level consists of three parts: Written, Rhythm and Playing.
    Make sure you have your information sheet. Use this like a textbook to study for your quizzes. Each Musicianship level has it’s own study guide so you know what will be expected of you for each level.
    Written: This test is done on Canvas. Questions include: definitions; matching; fill in the blank; short response, multiple choice, and verbal response. If you can answer every question on the study guide for the level you are testing for, you should do well on the quiz.
    Rhythm: This test is completed using pencil and paper. Questions include: complete the time signature; write in counting under the notes; cross out the incorrect measure; etc.
    Playing: This test is completed live in front of your band director. All playing tests include memorized scales. Levels 1-3 are sight-reading and levels 4-8 are prepared exercises. Please see you band director or visit the webpage to download the prepared exercises for your instrument.
    Due Dates:
    Midterm: TBA
    Final: TBA
    The following levels need to be completed (all three parts)
                                        Midterm         Final
    Freshmen:                  1                      2
    Sophomores:              3                      4
    Juniors:                      5                      6
    Seniors:                      7                      8
    Grade Breakdown
    Your final will be worth 15% of you semester grade and will be a separate grade on your report card.
    Written quizzes will be worth 33.3% of exam grade: You can take the quiz twice on Canvas. Your highest score will be recorded.
    Rhythm quizzes will be worth 33.3% of exam grade: Taken in class during exam time.
    Playing quizzes will be worth 33.3% of exam grade