• Symphonic Band

    Course Description:

    Symphonic Band is designed to help musicians develop and refine the rehearsal and performance skills required for participation in a high school band. It is also open to students who are starting a new instrument or need to refine skills for placement in Wind Ensemble. Emphasis is placed on the development and refinement of more advanced musical skills and the techniques required for advancement to Wind Ensemble. Members are required to attend sectionals, extra rehearsals, concerts, and festivals (as appropriate). Outside personal practice and learning of parts is required.

    Reference Recordings Spring Concert:

    Reference Recordings Music Fest:
    Tudor Heralds by Elliot Del Borgo
    Chorale and Hosanna by Palestrina arr. Mike Leckrone
    Cloud Nine by Lauren Bernofsky
    The U.S. Air Force Song by Robert Crawford

    Reference Recording Winter Concert:
    A Holly Jolly Christmas by Johnny Marks ar. James D. Ployhar
    Holiday Greetings arr. James Swearingen

    Reference Recordings Fall Concert:

    Fanfare for the Third Planet by Richard Saucedo
    Alaska Flag Song by Elinor Dusenberry
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