• Literacy
    Grading Scale:
    • Assignments          10%
    • Quizzes                  20%
    • Exams                    20%
    • Essays                    50%
    • Additional                0%
    IDEA Writing-Instruction to Develop Expository and Applied Writing:
    Course Number:    114.MW
    Length:  1 semester (0.5 English Credit)
    Total Course Value:  $150.00  
    Instructor:  Mark Woodward

    Course Description:

    Motivating students in grades 9–12 to become more articulate and effective writers, ELA3004 offers hands-on experience writing personal reflections, definition essays, research essays, persuasive essays, informative essays, and literary analysis essays. Offering targeted lessons on reputable research, effective communication, solid grammar, and compelling style, this one-semester course utilizes the Six Traits of Effective Writing as an overarching framework. Students enrolled in this course develop the skills necessary to evaluate one’s own writing and articulate and apply writing and researching strategies. In addition, students will get further practice applying the grammatical rules of Standard American English in formal writing.

    Course Features:

    New! An initial essay assesses student performance before any instruction; at the end of the course, both a cumulative exam and a second attempt at the same essay prompt allow students and teachers to measure growth. The course also features: 

    • Thorough grounding in the writing process and the Six Traits of Effective Writing to equip students with the knowledge and tools needed for successful drafting, revising, and publishing
    • Diversified activities to challenge and engage students, including video lectures, online content readings, essay-writing activities, and practice/homework
    • Intuitive e2020 eWriting resource to help students organize, format, and research their essays all in one student-friendly location
    • eWriting feedback features to facilitate comments and communication from classroom instructors to their students, together with Intellimetric grading from Vantage Learning 
    Time Estimates:
    Average minutes to complete 1 lesson   54  min
    Average hours to complete course 55  hr