• Literacy
    Grading Scale:
    • Assignment            10%
    • Essays                    10%
    • Lesson Quizzes      20%
    • Unit Tests               40%
    • Cumulative Exam    20%
    Literacy and Comprehension I:
    Course Number:    TBD
    Length:  1 semester (0.5 credit elective)
    Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $100.00)
    Instructor:  Mark Woodward

    Course Description:

    Literacy and Comprehension I is one of two semester-long intervention courses designed to support the development of strategic reading and writing skills. These courses use a thematic and contemporary approach, including high-interest topics to motivate students and expose them to effective instructional principles using diverse content area and real-world texts. Both courses offer an engaging technology-based interface that inspires and challenges students to gain knowledge and proficiency in the following comprehension strategies: summarizing, questioning, previewing and predicting, recognizing text structure, visualizing, making inferences, and monitoring understanding with metacognition. Aimed at improving fluency and vocabulary, self-evaluation strategies built into these courses inspire students to take control of their learning. 

    When you log into the Virtual Classroom, you can view the entire course map, which provides a scope and sequence of all topics you will study. Clicking a lesson’s link in the course map leads to a page listing instructional activities, assignments, and learning objectives specific to that lesson. The units of study are summarized below.  Students will choose 4 units from 2-8.
    1. Literacy and Comprehension:  An Introduction (required)
    2. The Environment:  Extreme Weather
    3. The Animals:  Amazing Heroes
    4. The Arts:   World Artists Discovered
    5. Technology:  The World of Gaming
    6. The Medical Field:  Mystery Illnesses Through The Ages
    7. The Stories We Spin:  Ancient and Modern Myths Uncovered
    8. Engineering Today:  The Challenge - Transportation
    Time Estimates:
    Average minutes to complete 1 lesson   54  min
    Average hours to complete course 55  hr