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    Board Of Education Goals
    2016-2017 Goals
    Adopted August 10, 2016



    • Goal Statement

    The Board of Education will develop policies guiding the use of digital assessments.  The Board will review the Technology Plan. The Board will review STEPP plans for district schools and the overall District STEPP plan.

    • Goal Statement

    The KGBSD will implement curriculum in two areas: Mathematics and Social Studies. The School Board will monitor the revision of the Mathematics curriculum.

    • Goal Statement

    The KGBSD will expand the opportunities available to its students for vocational/technical training and certification. The District will seek additional educational and training partnerships with local business and industry.



    • Student Safety, Goal Statement

    The KGBSD will continue the prioritized implementation of the recommendations contained within the Safe Havens Report. The School Board will develop and adopt a timeline for the completion of the unimplemented recommendations, as prioritized, and coordinate with available funding sources to finance those projects.

    • Student Safety, Goal Statement  

    The Board of Education will review, modify, and adopt policies as recommended by the KGBSD Student Safety Committee, and as necessary to ensure a safe environment that provides for the physical and emotional security of all students.



    • School Boundaries/Class Size, Goal Statement

    The Board of Education will review issues of effective instruction related to class size and determine policy to govern building level Pupil Teacher Ratio, class size, and building enrollment. The Board will investigate factors that influence classroom management and revise/adopt policy that provides a positive classroom environment.

    • Student Academic Recognition, Goal Statement

    The Board of Education will support continued efforts that currently recognize student achievement within each school and will also seek new ways to promote and highlight student achievement in academics, athletics and community service on a more community wide basis.