•  GoogleApps
    Technology, communication and collaboration is integral to today's 21st century student.  Mobility, flexibility and "just in time" feedback is not a luxury anymore;  it is expected.  To meet these demands, Revilla Blended students will have a toolbox full of state of the art technology tools at their disposal. Gmail, Google Chat, Google Shared Docs and Calendars are provided to all district students through our K21schools.org Google Apps.  All data is automatically backed up on Google servers.  So when accidents happen – if a computer crashes or gets stolen – students can be up and running again in seconds.  Because all of the student's data is in the "cloud", students can access it at anytime they have an active internet connection.

    Eduvision For many of our students, traveling during the school year is just the way things are done.  Missing classes, lectures, and presentations are something that happens and students have to figure out how to deal with it.  We have two state of the art tools to connect students to their teachers and classrooms during those times when attendance is not possible.  More and more, teachers are beginning to record their lessons using digital video and post them on our secure http://k21schools.Eduvision.tv website.  Take a few minutes to browse our site and see how creative teachers are using 21st century tools to serve our students.

    Fuzebox Fuze Meeing provides live internet video conferencing between our staff and up to 100 students at a time using our subscriptions to Fuze Meeting.  Fuze meeting lets our teachers and students collaborate face-to-face over shared content such as videos, high resolution images, shared desktops, and other rich media in real-time.  Audio conferencing is included and we have an unlimited number of meetings that we can offer.  Another huge benefit to the Fuze product is that it works on virtually every type of device.  Windows, Mac, iPhone, Androids all can attend and interact in a Fuze Meeting.