•  GIMP for Mac Image Design and Editing
    Course Number:  ROOE5726.E2020
    Length:  1 semester (0.5 credits)
    Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $80.00)
    Instructor:  Mark Woodward
    Course Description:
          This introductory design class teaches students the basics of composition, color, and layout through a series of hands-on projects that allow them to use their creativity while learning important foundational skills. Using the program GIMP, students will create a graphic design portfolio with a wide variety of projects to include cropping and colorizing images, tracing photos, creating posters using filters, creating comics with talk bubbles and text, and many other projects that will help them develop the skills they need to create and edit images of their own.
    1. Course Overview
    2. Crop and Colorize a Photo
    3. Trace a Photo
    4. Draw without Tracing
    5. Use Filters to Make a Poster
    6. make a Collage
    7. Make a Single-Panel Comic
    8. Mask an Image
    9. Develop Your Selection Skills
    10. Make a One Word Graphic
    11. Make an Ad
    12. Create a Planet
    13. Reflect an Image
    14. Final Test