• Career Planning
    Career Planning and Development
    Course Number:  ROCE4222.E2020
    Length:  1 semester (0.5 credits)
    Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $80.00)
    Instructor:  Mark Woodward
     Course Description: 
          Introducing upper-level high school students to the working world, EL4222 will provide knowledge and insight necessary to compete in the challenging job market of today. This relevant and timely course helps students investigate careers as they apply to personal interests and abilities, develop skills and job search documents needed to enter the workforce, explore the rights of workers and traits of effective employees, and address the importance of professionalism and responsibility as careers change and evolve. This one-semester course includes lessons in which students will create self-assessment profiles, cover letters, and a résumé that can be used in their educational or career portfolio.
    1. Exploring Careers
    2. Entering the Workforce
    3. Succeeding in the Workplace
    4. Developing Professional Skills
    5. Cumulative Exam
    Average minutes to complete 1 lesson  -  48min
    Average hours to complete course  -  57hr
    Max minutes to complete 1 lesson  -  96min
    Max hours to complete course  -  113hr